Our Montana Day Representative: Cow 406

April 6 is known as Montana Day or 406 Day in Big Sky Country. For Montanans, the numbers 406 mean more than just the area code that has covered the entire state since phone lines were invented. 406 represents the unique qualities and beauty that make the Treasure State such a treasure.

Cow 406 with her calf in a Northeastern Montana pasture in September 2022.

North of Nowhere Farm's cow #406 wouldn't win a Montana Day beauty contest, but she'd be a shoo-in for a Montana Day spirit award. Born four years ago during a blizzard, she lost the ends of her ears and tip of her tail to frostbite. We kept her not for her looks, but for her solid structure and good attitude. It was a good decision; 406 has very nice calves (see photo above) and is an exceptional mother.  

Do I wish our farm's 406 was picture perfect? At first I did, but I don't any more. Our 406 represents the spirit of Montana better than any other cow in the herd. She's reslient, strong, level-headed, nurturing, friendly, and a majestic beauty (on the inside). She seems to love her quiet life on the prairie and knows that she is appreciated - maybe even a little favored - by the people who care for her. Her fortitude came naturally to her. In fact, it seems she was born with it. It's a characteristic recognizeable in many Montanans who were raised on the land - fortitude passed down from earlier generations and augmented by not-so-easy life experiences. 

As you reflect on the beauty that spans the Treasure State on this 406 Day, I hope you'll include North of Nowhere Farm's 406 in your reflections. You might smile at her quirky unconventional looks; you may feel inspired by her resiliance. Our 406 is a symbol of Montana priarie life and beauty that runs much deeper than the surface. Happy 406 Day!

Cow 406 with muddy legs grazing in a prairie pasture with a pond and pickup in the background.


  • does represent the best of what is Montana particularly resilience, strength and persistence also great traits of North of Nowhere Farm folks several of whom I babysat when they were wee ones💙💛😊
    Shelley Immel
  • Bravo! Humble, powerful and infinitely beautiful #406! North of Nowhere is modeling land stewardship of the 21st Century, treating creatures with dignity and creating sustainability. ❤️

    Julie Stevens

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