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North of Nowhere Farms offers two different package types for their grassfed, grass-finished beef sticks: a 4-ounce vacuum-sealed 6-pack and an 8-ounce resealale pouch of 8 individually vacuum-sealed beef sticks. Packages shown on barnwood background.

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Bulk Grassfed Beef

1/2 Beef (approx. 225 lbs)

A half beef will feed a family of four for 9-12 months. This includes about 75 pounds of ground beef, 3 roasts, several cuts of steak, and more.

1/4 Beef (approx. 110 lbs)

A quarter beef will feed a family of four for 4-6 months. This includes about 30 pounds of ground beef, 2 roasts, 10 pounds of steak cuts, and more.

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Ridiculously Remote. Ridiculously Good Beef.

It's not easy running a beef business about as far away from a population center as it's possible to get. Knowing our cattle are improving the prairie soil and allow us to provide healthy food makes it worth the challenges.

We're saying "NO" to the practice of pushing a diet of corn, protein supplements, antibiotics, and growth hormones to cattle in crowded, disease-prone feedlot environments. It's not good for cattle and it's not good for humans. Our cattle are raised on grass, hay and water. That's what foragers are meant to consume. Their meat is high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and low in potentially harmful Omega-6’s -- unlike grain-fed beef. It would be an honor to have you join us in making the world a healthier place for cattle and for humans.

Daren Nordhagen

Raising and grazing cattle with regenerative ag principles produces the leanest, most nutritious and delicious beef for you and your family - and better health for the planet. I encourage you to consider purchasing at least a 1/4 Beef Share from North of Nowhere Farm for enhanced value and to always have on hand the star ingredient for exceptional meal creation.

Darlis Nordhagen

Maybe it is time to stop blaming the beef industry as a whole for the short comings of big agriculture. Environmental impact can be sourced to those interested in the quantity of beef produced and not the quality of the beef product. Let’s talk about the American Cattle Farmer who does it right. Grass fed farming has already proven the benefits it brings with it: lower usage of fossil fuels, lower production of green house gases, lower impact on water pollution, increased sustainability of American pastures and grasslands, and healthier beef product.

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